The Workspace represents the main part of our software. This is where the design of the photo book pages takes place. Back and front of a double page will be displayed at the same time.

Depending on the layout chosen placeholders for images and texts are located at different positions on the pages. Images can be easily inserted by Drag & Drop out of the Images window. Double-click on the respective placeholder to insert text. A Text editor facilitates formatting your text.

While moving your mouse over an object, it will be highlighted with a red frame. You can change the content of the objects using the functions in the context menu (right mouse-click) . This function is also included in the Tools window.

Objects can be selected. In this case the object will be highlighted with a green frame. You can only select a single object at the same time. Double-click on the selected object to add Images or templates.

Using Album pro Creative-Mode (under View Menu), objects, text and images can be moved or modified to any position in the Workspace, this mode provides flexibility to design any custom layout needed.

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