The Tool window provides quick access to all image editing functions.

Select an object in the Workspace by clicking on it. The next step is choosing the function from the tool list. The content shown in the window may vary depending on the object. There are different functions for text and images.



  • 90° CW: Rotates the image clockwise by a quarter-turn.
  • 90° CCW: Rotates the image counterclockwise by a quarter-turn.
  • 180° right: Rotates the image by a half-turn.
  • Fit in: The selected image will be resized to fit perfectly into the placeholder.
  • Add Mask and Frames quickly using this option
  • Auto optimize your images for best print quality



  • Top: Aligns the selected text at the top.
  • Center: The selected text will be centered within the placeholder.
  • Bottom: The selected text will be aligned at the bottom of the placeholder.
  • Quick text: simply add text into the selected text frame
  • Fit in: The selected text will be resized to perfectly fit into the placeholder.
  • Edit: The selected text will be opened in the Text editor.
  • Delete: The selected text will be deleted.


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