Page Overview


The Page Overview, at the bottom of your screen, shows all photo book pages as thumbnails.

The active double page will be highlighted with a blue frame and displayed in the Workspace. Simply click on the thumbnail of a double page to activate it. You can make use of further functions provided by the Toolbar such as navigating through the double pages or adding and deleting pages.

Below you will find a short explanation for each symbol starting from the left:

  • First page: Shows the first page of the photo book (spine).
  • Previous page: Shows the previous double page of the photo book.
  • Next page: Shows the next double page of the photo book.
  • Last page: Shows the last page of the photo book.
  • Move current page to the left: Moves the current page to the left.
  • Move current page to the right: Moves the current page to the right.
  • Insert pages: Inserts two double pages after the current page.
  • Delete pages: Deletes two double pages (four single pages) after the current page.
  • Number of pages: Defines the number of pages of the photo book.
  • Requesting current price list: Establishes connection to the Album pro website and displays the current price list. This function requires a standing Internet connection.

Drag & Drop can move single photo book pages. After you have clicked on the desired page, hold the right mouse button pressed and move the page to a different position within the Page Overview window.

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