User Interface


The program is divided up into various parts. We have numbered the different areas for the purpose of clarity.


In this QuickStart Tutorial, can you identify these items?:


  • Menu: The main menu contains all commands.
  • Toolbar: The most popular commands are summarized in the Toolbar. Move the mouse over a symbol to display a short explanation.
  • Workspace: This window shows the current pages of your photo book in process.
  • Overview: This window shows thumbnails of all photo book pages. You are able to select a particular page, move pages or add new ones.
  • Explorer: You select the directory where your images are located.
  • Images: This window shows all images within the directory opened in the Explorer window.
  • Tools: This list sums up all important tools associated with the Album pro software.
  • Templates: This area contains countless layouts and backgrounds that may help you in creating your photo books.


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