Upload your photo book


THE QUICKEST AND CHEAPEST WAY to send the order data on CD would be using the Upload Assistant. You can transmit the order data via the Internet. This process may take a while due to the size of the order data and the type of Internet connection you have in place. Therefore a fast Internet connection is best.

You can abort the data transfer at any time and continue it at a later date. The data transfer will be resumed at the actual state. This makes a step-by-step transfer of relatively large files possible.

After we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Notice: Should you encounter any problems concerning the upload of the order data, please check if your computer is protected by a firewall. In the case of using Windows© XP, a firewall is automatically installed and refuses the transfer of your order data. Please make sure that your firewall permits the Album pro software to access the Internet.

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