Text Editor


The Text editor allows you to input formatted text well known from other word processing software. Creating text blocks has never been so easy.



We have numbered the different areas for the purpose of clarity:


  • Menu: The menu of the text editor summarizes all functions clearly. You can delete, insert text and save text to a text database.
  • Toolbar: The most important menu commands are included in the Toolbar. Move the mouse on a symbol to display a short explanation.
  • Formatting bar: It contains all functions to modify the text according to your wishes. The formatting bar enables you to define the font and type size, highlighting text blocks bold, cursive and underlined as well as aligning text horizontally.
    Notice: Vertical alignment of a text block within the placeholder is also possible. It will be visible by applying to the changes.
  • Text input area: Type your text in the text input area.
  • Text database: The database contains more than 1000 citations and poems of famous celebrities. You shall find a suitable text for every occasion. Use the search function to facilitate finding an appropriate text. Just Type a key word in the search field to display all text blocks including the key word.

Insert a text block by double-clicking or a click on the symbol Insert text block into the text input area.

  • Preview: The preview for text blocks supports you to select a text block. Display the desired text block by selecting the text block in the database.
Context menu: You access all important functions to cut, copy or delete texts in the context menu.
  • Apply/Cancel: Confirm the changes or quit the editor by clicking the Apply or Abort button.


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