Image Editor


The integrated Image editor allows you to edit your images using basic image editing functions. You can rotate images, adjust brightness and contrast as well as selecting a certain section of the image.



We have numbered the different functions for the purpose of clarity:


  • Menu: The menu of the image editor shows all functions clearly arranged. All the functions of the Toolbar can be found in the Menu as well.
  • Toolbar: The most important functions are summarized in the Toolbar. If you move your mouse on a symbol, a short explanation will be displayed.
  • Selection: The selection defines the image for the placeholder. The other part of the image will be shaded. The selected area highlighted with a black/white frame represents the part of the image that will be displayed in the placeholder. Dragging the handles of the marquee rectangle can change size and position of the selection. If you have disabled the function Free selection, the image will be scaled proportionately. This assures that the selection fits perfectly in the placeholder.

Activate free selection in the menu or in the Toolbar to select a defined section independently from the aspect ratio of the placeholder.
If you are not pleased with the changes, restore the image by using the Undo function.

  • Image editing: This area contains the image editing functions. You can simply rotate the image, adjust its brightness and contrast. Move the slide control to the right to brighten the image or move the slide control to the left to shade it. Adjusting the contrast works the same way. in this section you can also add frames, masks or auto optimize images for best printing result.
  • Context menu: The context menu in the image area provides all important functions to copy an image to the clipboard or discard changes.
  • Apply/Cancel: By pressing apply you confirm the changes. The cancel button quits the image editor.


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