Burn on CD


The CD-Burn Assistant supports you in burning your order data to a CD. The assistant is only available if your computer is equipped with a CD writer. If the Album pro software doesn't detect your CD writer, you have to use a stand-alone recording software.

Start the burn assistant by choosing Burn order data to CD from the Order Menu.



Choose your CD writer and the order data. Make sure that a blank CD is inserted. Start the order process by clicking on Burn.

The order process may take a while. Please be patient and don't interrupt it.



After the CD burning process is completed, you may send the CD to Album pro.

Please write our coordinates carefully on the shipping envelope:

Album pro
6600, Saint-Urbain
Montreal, QC, H2S 3G8


Make sure that the order file has been correctly written to CD (file extension PAO). An unreadable CD leads to a delay in your order.


We will send you confirmation e-mail after we receive your CD.

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