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1. What is a photo book?
A photo book is a unique and beautiful way to preserve and share your memories, featuring your own digital photos and comments. They make great personalized gifts and special keepsakes for you, your family and friends.

2. How many photos do I need to create a photo book?
Since the default number of pages in a photo book is 24, we suggest a minimum of 24 pictures, although you can add as many photos to a page as physically possible. You may also choose a combination of photo and text pages and text-only pages.


3. How long will it take to create a photo book?
To create a photo book depends on how much time you spend creating it. Personalization of a photo book can take some time, just like your scrapbooking activities. Remember that you can also use our Auto-flow tool to create your photo book in just a few clicks!


4. How much do photo books cost?

Album pro has a range of custom photo book options that allow you to create a unique book at an affordable price, starting with soft cover pro Mini from just $19.99. Refer to our Products and Prices section for more details.

5. Can I preview my photo book before I purchase it?
Yes. You can preview your photo book as many times as you wish before you order it, and share it with friends and family. Simply click the Preview button (or hit the F5 key) to view your photo book. Just use the arrows to move back and forth between the pages you wish to view.



Software Installation

1. How should I install the Album pro software?
First of all, visit the Album pro software download page to request it free of charge. After completion of our electronic form, a Welcome e-mail will be sent to you with the activation key that is required to proceed with the software installation. Once the downloading will be completed, you will simply double-click on the file "albumpro.exe" which will have been saved on your hard drive of your computer.  The installation wizard will ask you a few questions before executing installation of Album pro software.  Only change the name of the file if absolutely necessary. Once the installation is completed, open the menu Start/Programs and click on Album pro icon.  The software will start up.

2. How should I proceed to move the file containing my documents from the Album pro software towards another place on my hard drive?
The simplest manner is to reinstall the software one more time. During the installation, enter the file name where you would like to install the software.

Use of the software

1. There is a red or yellow triangle in the inferior right corner of my image.
To ensure high quality print, the software compares the resolution of your images to the size of your final frame and the desired quality of print. A yellow triangle signifies that the resolution of your image is not optimal, but judges it acceptable. However, a red triangle at the bottom of your image signifies that its resolution is too low to execute a high quality print or simply your image overlaps the center of the book. To avoid this problem, only use high quality resolution images and be sure to position them correctly.

2. I am unable to send my order.

Verify the options of confidentiality of your web browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, it will be possible for you to modify from the menu Start/Setting/Control Panel/Internet Options, in the Confidentiality tab. Set the button at level “Normal“ or “Accept all cookies“. Also ensure yourself that your firewall will allow the software (albumpro.exe) to connect to Internet.

3. I received an error message “Insufficient graphic resources“.

You are probably using an old Windows version. Restart your computer and try again. If the problem persists, we suggest you update your Windows operating system.  

4. How should I save a photo book or a calendar?

The photo books and calendars can be saved manually by clicking on "Save" from File menu located on the superior left corner of the screen.

5. Where are my photo books and calendars saved?

All documents created with Album pro software are saved in the folder My documents\Album pro\Photobooks. If you have specified another path during installation, the files will be saved in that one.

6. How should I delete the photo books saved from Album pro software?

You can delete your documents in the following manner :
1. Close the Album pro software.
2. Open Windows Explorer by selecting Start/Programs/Windows Explorer.
3. Browse up to My documents\Album pro\Photobooks.
4. Windows Explorer posts a list off all your saved projects.
5. Select and erase the file you wish to delete.

7. Posting "Front and Back"

The Album pro software can only be used as front and back display for all photo books. Subsequently, the page on the left of the working plan corresponds to the back of the right page of the previous pair of pages. As a result, if you wish not to print images and texts on both sides of the pages of your photo book, you must erase all contents of the left pages.

8. Will the placeholder be printed if I do not place text or image in it?
By default, image and text placeholders that are left empty will NOT be printed and will remain therefore invisible at final printing of the product.

9. How should I modify the images of my photo book or calendar?
When you double-click on an image, you have access to an editing menu allowing you to adjust a multitude of parameters (contrast, rotation, size, red-eye, etc.).  We suggest that you bring a particular attention to the size of your images since users generally have a tendency to enlarge too much their pictures, which as a result reduces the quality of impression!

Take time to explore all the options brought to your disposal in order to add a personal touch to your creations.  For example, the use of masks and frames may prove to be very interesting just as well as the adjustment of colors. To this effect, the adjustment of your images in sepia tones is particularly judicious for your wedding and graduation photo books.

Shipping and handling

1. What are the shipping charges?
The shipping charges are $8.95 per photo book and $8.95 for a calendar and a set of 12 personalized greeting cards across Canada. Each additional item will cost an extra $2.95, up to a maximum of $20.75 per order.


2. What is there left for me to do once I have sent my order with the Album pro software?
Once you have forwarded your creation to us, we will produce it within the next 7 to 9 working days and send it to you through Canada Post. Furthermore, we will send you emails throughout the process in order for you to follow the evolution of your order.

3. I did not receive any confirmation e-mail after placing my order.
You have probably not indicated the correct electronic address. If you have provided the incorrect address in the order form, the confirmation email will be sent to the wrong address.

4. I’ve already sent my order, but I would like to modify it.
An order is only processed once you have effected your payment. If the payment is accepted, the article will be printed and it will be impossible to modify the content, at least not for this first order. A file for which we have not received any form of payment will be automatically deleted after four weeks.  

If your payment is not effected and you wish to modify your article, you must simply open the file that you previously sent, make your modifications to that article, save once again and transfer with the assistance of the software by taking care of entering the right credit card information.

Moreover, it is impossible to change the type of article once the order is sent, for the format is permanent and too different, for example; pro Luxe has an entirely distinct page setup then pro Square. The number of images and pages equally vary from one format to another. Be sure to choose the right format prior to starting your project.


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