Scan your photos


Your favorite photos should be generally scanned with 300 DPI (recommended 600 DPI for better results) and saved as JPG. Lower DPI values lead to inferior quality when printing your photo books.

Check your scanned images concerning luminosity, brightness etc. Wrong usage of your scanner or incorrect software settings may lead to relatively dark or bright images.

Lots of image editing software packages offer countless functions to improve the quality of images that we would recommend warmly before inserting them into your photo book project.


Notice: To ensure high quality print, the software compares the resolution of your images to the size of your final frame and the desired quality of print. A yellow triangle signifies that the resolution of your image is not optimal, but judges it acceptable. However, a red triangle at the bottom of your image signifies that its resolution is too low to execute a high quality print or simply your image overlaps the center of the book. To avoid this problem, only use high quality resolution images and be sure to position them correctly.

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